Imagine the Possibilities…

Impact Initiatives

Impact Initiatives are projects that have been identified by District Two Superintendent Joe Pye and confirmed by the Foundation Board of Directors, as beneficial to learning on a large scale, but not possible within the standard budget. Often these initiatives allow opportunity for business and community partnership in addition to financial support.

Innovation Awards

Innovation Awards are submitted by district staff and are scored by leaders from the community, regional industry, and the school district. In three years, we have awarded 28 grants for a total of $92,000! 18,764 students benefit from these programs annually. In December 2017, nine grants were awarded and will benefit 4,604 students.

**2018 Innovation Award Application available for download here. Application deadline is October 31, 2018.

Impacting the region with Advanced Manufacturing…

Currently the Foundation’s Impact Initiative is a $1 Million campaign to equip the Advanced Manufacturing Center scheduled to open in 2018-2019.

In spring of 2016 a Manufacturing Advisory Committee was created to include representatives from business and industry, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, SC Department of Commerce, SC Department of Education, local colleges and technical school, architects, SC Ready Program, Dorchester Two Educational Foundation, and district & school administrators. Goals of this endeavor are to prepare our students for well-paying jobs as well as support existing industries, play a key role in the recruitment of new industry, and build a pipeline of talented local workers able to fill the existing and forecasted labor shortage.

“This initiative will be so important to current and future students, and the current and future viability of this community,” John Truluck, Dorchester County Economic Development


Innovating classrooms throughout the district…

with Technology

A 5th grade math teacher was able to purchase 15 new iPads for her students with an Innovation Grant from the Foundation. This provided the opportunity to tailor education based on a child’s needs to create a blended learning environment.  The iPads give the students the capability to watch videos of their teacher.  These screencasts let the students rewind and pause the video to allow them to learn the lesson at their own pace. The project led to increased student interaction, better scores, and more interest in learning.

with Fully Engaged Brains

Action based learning is based on brain research that supports the link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance. Using movement, teachers are able to create more engaging classrooms through stations and even whole group instruction. Students might read while on a moon walker, review flashcards while peddling, or even work from a standing desk with a swinging footrest. Results show increases in test scores, retention of information, and improved behavior!

in Science

Science labs across the district are now equipped with LabQuest 2s and digital imagers. The digital imagers allow teachers to project microscopes to a smart board. This technology allows the teacher to display the view to all students and discuss findings. The LabQuest 2s are used to collect sensor data and have built-in graphing and analysis components. The device makes it easy to collect, analyze, and share data from experiments, encouraging collaboration and personalized learning.