Our district is a reflection of our community. We are not only educating the students here, but we are serving our community and making sure that it is a strong place to live, work and grow.  ~Superintendent Joseph R. Pye

5 for the Future is an opportunity for every person to give at a level that is comfortable to them and to join in the Foundation’s mission to create and build partnerships to support the advancement of education in our community.

Collectively we can make a much more meaningful impact for our students!

Foundation funding encourages innovation in teaching that improves the learning experience for all our students. Investing in public education is investing in our future workforce; in our community; and in the long-term sustainability of the local, regional and national economies. We are all stakeholders in public education.

By committing to donate to the Foundation on a recurring basis, you are fueling innovation in Dorchester District Two Schools!

Monthly draft of $5

Monthly draft of $20

Monthly draft of $150